Playstation and Xbox crossplay?

There may properly be a ceasefire among the two companies.

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation have been giant rivals since the 90’s in the struggle to obtain status as men and women’s favourite game console.

For as long as users have begged the two companies to get out of their battle, so cross consoles can play online, whether you have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – but it’s a dream, that for a long time has seemed reasonable unrealistic conflict taken into account.

Until now, so – yesterday, Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg announced that the two companies are currently discussing the possibilities for enabling Xbox and PlayStation fans to play together.

In an interview at the Gamescom 2017 conference Greenberg said the following:

“We are talking to Sony [about the possibility of playing across game consoles], we collaborate with them about Minecraft, and of course we would like them to be part of it – one community to unite players. So we talk to them and hope they will support it,” he says.

Watch the interview here:

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